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LARP Mission Statement

The US LHC Accelerator Research Program enables U.S. accelerator specialists to take an active and important role in the LHC accelerator during its commissioning and operations, and to be a major collaborator in LHC performance upgrades. In particular, LARP will support U.S. institutions in LHC commissioning activities and accelerator science, accelerator instrumentation and diagnostics, and superconducting magnet R&D to help bring the LHC on and up to luminosity quickly, to help establish robust operation, and to improve and upgrade LHC performance. Furthermore, the work we do will be at the technological frontier and will thereby improve the capabilities of the U.S. accelerator community in accelerator science and technology to more effectively operate our domestic accelerators and to position the U.S. to be able to lead in the development of the next generation of high-energy colliders.

  • Advance International Cooperation in High Energy Accelerators
  • Advance High Energy Physics
    • Help bring the LHC on and up to design performance quickly
    • Improve LHC performance by advances in accelerator understanding and instrumen tation
    • Use LHC as a tool to gain deeper knowledge of accelerator science and technology
    • Extend LHC as a frontier HEP instrument with a timely luminosity upgrade
  • Advance U.S. Accelerator Science and Technology
    • Keep skills sharp by helping to commission the LHC
    • Conduct forefront AP research and development
    • Advance U.S. capabilities to improve the performance of our own machines
    • Prepare U.S. scientists to design next generation colliders
    • Develop technologies necessary for next generation colliders


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